AP POLYCET 2016 Help Line Centers List (HLCs)

AP POLYCET 2016 Help Line Centers List (HLCs): Candidates can contact or approach any of the below centers for sale & uploading of POLYCET-2016 applications in Andhra Pradesh. For convenience of the candidate ONLINE filling of application for POLYCET-2016 is facilitated by the State Board of Technical Education and Training, A.P. Hyderabad. Student can approach any of the nearest aponline/meeseva/payment gateway/net banking/Help line centers (Polytechnics).

List of Help line Centers

Sl NoDistrictHelp line centre for sale & uploading of POLYCET applications in APNearest CoordinatingHLC code
1East GodavariAndhra Poly, KakinadaKakinadaHLC010
2East GodavariGovt Poly for Women, KakinadaKakinadaHLC011
3East GodavariDr .BRAGMR Poly, RajahmundryRajahmundryHLC072
4East GodavariSri YVS & BRM Poly, MukteswaramMukteswaramHLC9178
5GunturMBTS Govt. Poly, GunturGunturHLC014
6GunturGovt Poly for Women, GunturGunturHLC015
7GunturCR Poly, ChilakaluripetaGunturHLC040
8GunturGovt Instt of Textile Technology, GunturGunturHLC063
9GunturGovt Poly for Minoriries, GunturGunturHLC096
10GunturBapatla Poly, BapatlaBapatlaHLC106
11GunturGovt Poly, PonnuruBapatlaHLC164
12GunturGovt Poly, KrosuruKrosuruHLC212
13GunturGovt Poly, RepalleBapatlaHLC306
14KrishnaGovt Poly, VijayawadaVijayawadaHLC013
15KrishnaAANM & VVRSR Poly, GudlavalleruVijayawadaHLC030
16KrishnaVKR & VNB Poly, GudiwadaVijayawadaHLC031
17KrishnaSVL Poly, MachilipatnamMachilipatnamHLC041
18KrishnaTKR Poly, PamarruMachilipatnamHLC074
19KrishnaGovt Poly for Women, NandigamaNandigamaHLC077
20KrishnaDiviseema Poly, AvanigaddaMachilipatnamHLC105
21KrishnaAVN Poly, MudinepalliVijayawadaHLC160
22KrishnaGovt Poly, GannavaramVijayawadaHLC183
23KrishnaGovt Poly, KalidhindiBhimavaramHLC192
24KrishnaGovt Poly, MachilipatnamMachilipatnamHLC215
25PrakasamD.A. Govt Poly, OngoleOngoleHLC039
26PrakasamSUVR & SR GPW, EthamukkalaOngoleHLC071
27PrakasamPratap Poly, ChiralaBapatlaHLC103
28PrakasamGovt Poly, KandukurOngoleHLC201
29PrakasamGovt Ploy, AddankiAddankiHLC202
30PrakasamChirala Engg College, VetapalemOngoleHLC229
31SrikakulamGovt Poly, SrikakulamSrikakulamHLC008
32SrikakulamGovt Poly for Women, SrikakulamSrikakulamHLC088
33SrikakulamGovt Poly, AmadalavalasaSrikakulamHLC208
34SrikakulamAditya Inst of Tech & Management TekkaliTekkaliHLC9088
35VisakhapatnamGovt Poly, VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnamHLC009
36VisakhapatnamGMR Poly, PaderuPaderuHLC043
37VisakhapatnamGovt Poly for women, BheemunipatnamBheemunipatnamHLC045
38VisakhapatnamGovt Poly, NarsipatnamNarsipatnamHLC060
39VisakhapatnamGovt Inst of Chemical Engg, VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnamHLC065
40VisakhapatnamGovt Poly, AnakapalliAnakapalliHLC173
41VizianagaramM.R.A.G.R. GPT, VizianagaramVizianagaramHLC038
42VizianagaramThandrapaparaya Poly, BobbiliBobbiliHLC099
43VizianagaramGovt Poly, ParvathipuramVizianagaramHLC163
44VizianagaramGovt Poly, Chinnamirangi, JiyammavalasaVizianagaramHLC332
45West GodavariS.M.V.M. Poly, TanukuTanukuHLC012
46West GodavariSir. C.R.R. Poly, EluruEluruHLC028
47West GodavariGovt Poly, JangareddygudemTanukuHLC162
48West GodavariSmt. Seetha Poly, BhimavaramBhimavaramHLC093
49West GodavariGovt Poly, TP GudemTanukuHLC178
50AnanathapurGovt Poly, AnanthapurAnanthapurHLC020
51AnanathapurGovt Poly for Women, HindupurHindupurHLC058
52AnanathapurGovt Poly, RaidurgKalyandurgHLC165
53AnanathapurGovt Poly,DharmvaramAnanthapurHLC170
54AnanathapurGovt Poly, KadiriKadiriHLC175
55AnanathapurGovt Poly, TadipatriAnanthapurHLC198
56AnanathapurGovt Poly, UravakondaAnanthapurHLC205
57AnanathapurGovt Poly, MadakasiraHindupurHLC206
58AnanathapurGovt Poly, KalyandurgKalyandurgHLC207
59ChittoorS.V.Govt Poly, TirupathiTirupathiHLC018
60ChittoorGovt Poly for Women, PalamaneruKalikiriHLC059
61ChittoorG.M.R. Poly, MadanapallyMadanapallyHLC073
62ChittoorDr. Y.C. James Yen Rural Govt Poly, KuppamKuppamHLC9059
63ChittoorGovt Poly, PillaripattuTirupathiHLC155
64ChittoorGovt Poly, ChandragiriTirupathiHLC166
65ChittoorGovt Poly, SatyaveduGudurHLC185
66ChittoorGovt Poly, KalikiriKalikiriHLC200
67KadapaGovt Poly, ProddaturProddaturHLC022
68KadapaLalyola Poly, PulivendlaKadapaHLC029
69KadapaGovt Poly for Women, KadapaKadapaHLC057
70KadapaGovt Poly, ObulavaripalliRajampetHLC154
71KadapaGovt Poly, JammalamaduguProddaturHLC171
72KadapaGovt Poly, VempalliKadapaHLC172
73KadapaGovt Poly, RajampetRajampetHLC176
74KadapaGovt Poly, SimhadripuramProddaturHLC184
75KadapaGovt Poly, KamalapuramKadapaHLC199
76KadapaGovt Poly, RayachotiRajampetHLC213
77KurnoolESC Govt. Poly, NandyalNandyalHLC021
78KurnoolT.G.L.G. Poly, AdoniKurnoolHLC042
79KurnoolS.G.P.R. GPT, KurnoolKurnoolHLC055
80KurnoolVasavi Poly, BanaganapallyNandyalHLC056
81KurnoolG.M.R. Poly, SrisailamSrisailamHLC068
82KurnoolGovt Poly for Minorities, KurnoolKurnoolHLC098
83KurnoolGovt Ploy, AlurKurnoolHLC188
84KurnoolGovt Poly, AdoniKurnoolHLC203
85NelloreGovt Poly, NelloreNelloreHLC016
86NelloreGovt Poly, GudurGudurHLC017
87NelloreGovt Poly for Women, NelloreNelloreHLC048
88NelloreGovt Instt of Ceramic Tech, GudurGudurHLC070
89NelloreGovt Poly, KavaliNelloreHLC209
90NelloreGovt Poly, Atmakur, SPSRAtmakur, SPSRHLC305
91East GodavariG.M.R. Poly, Yetpaka, near BhadrachalamYetapaka, near BhadrachalamHLC067
92East GodavariGovt Poly, AnaparthyRajahmundryHLC529

Dear Students,
If you have any questions please write in below comment box. We will answer to the best of our knowledge. For fast and latest updates on APPOLYCET-2018, please keep visiting our AP Polytechnic website https://appolycet.co.in. We wish you all the best. Thank You.....


  1. Cbse results will announce on this month ending ! But polycet counsilling is 25-28th they have go with 10th certificate and bonafied/study certificated how they will go ?????
    Help me fast as you can .

  2. Sir I am unable to login in candidate. Login even I entered a correct login id and password all other necessary terms

  3. sir i completed my ssc in 2014. due to some problems, i was unable to continue my education in 2015. IN 2016 I joined in MBTS college, guntur. Due to health problems in this year was also discontinued. All my certificates are in MBTS college itself. but counselling dates are announced. i was given slot on 25-05-2016. what should i do? is there any solution for this…? i have all my xerox copies that are to submitted at counselling centers.

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